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Wilmington Fit Body is excited to bring to you the same challenging yet fun workouts at-home! Check out a sample class below!. 

Our Online Workouts Include the Following:

  • Express Workouts: Workouts that take 20 minutes or less for you to complete.
  • Boot Camp Classes: Workouts that are a mix of high and low intensity exercises with a shorter rest time in between exercises
  • Tabata: Traditional Tabata features exercises that are 20 seconds of an exercise with a 10 seconds rest and each round lasts four minutes.
  • Pilates +: This is a Low-Impact (no jumping, so it's kind to your joints) High-Intesity Interval Training (maximum calorie burn for up to 72 hours!!!) class that is infused with Pilates. It is fun, challenging, and suitable for all fitness levels and abilities! No shoes required! Try it out!
  • Body Weight only workouts
  • Resistance Band Workouts
  • Vinyasa Yoga classes

Check out a sample class

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