Fit Body Boot Camp does one thing, and we do it better than anyone else. We're about delivering personal trainer designed and lead fitness and fat loss workouts in a fun, safe, high intensity group training workout program. With hundreds of Fit Body Boot Camp locations worldwide, our mission is focused on our "2020 vision" which is to expose and engage 20 percent of the world's population to a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020.

As an industry leading fitness brand we feel that we have a greater responsibility not only globally through our 2020 vision, but locally as well, to the clients in the communities that we serve and the neighborhoods we operate our fitness centers from. Which is why we believe in getting involved with our communities and contributing locally whenever possible. That's what being a good neighbor is all about. So when you step foot into a Fit Body Boot Camp location you can expect a clean, friendly, and fun high energy workout environment that's not only a place to get fit and healthy, but a place to make friends with others in your community.


My name is Talia Erinna and I am a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer and my name is Rocco Di Bello and we are extremely passionate about helping residents of Wilmington, Tewksbury and surrounding cities achieve their fitness and fat loss goals. If you are searching for a fun boot camp experience with enthusiastic trainers, you need to come check Wilmington Fit Body Boot Camp out!


Talia’s Story:


Originally from Haverhill, MA, I was always pretty athletic growing up playing soccer (I still play currently), basketball, and track. Back then while I was in high school, I also worked at a fast food restaurant and it was nice that I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain a pound! Maybe you can relate to this too? However, once I graduated from college and entered the “real world” and had a full-time job and had bills to pay, I no longer played a sport 6 times a week and in time, I started to gain weight. At some point, I became overweight and I was not happy with how I looked and how I felt.

Like many people, I felt hopeless and disappointed in myself that I allowed myself to become overweight. I was making poor nutritional choices and I was not physically active at all. I was extremely discouraged and I was ready to give up. But I am not the quitting type and then one day in 2007, I had enough! I decided to hire a trainer to motivate me and keep me accountable for exercising and my nutrition. In about 6 months, I went from 180 lbs to 135 lbs!! And I vowed to never let “myself go” again. In 2011, I decided to change careers and become a trainer so I could help other men and women lose weight, gain muscle and feel good about themselves again.

Rocco's Story:


All my life I was pretty athletic, always exercising and basically eating whatever I wanted. But once I stopped exercising after high school and entered the work force, I started to put on weight and I felt heavy, looked heavy and had no idea how to stop it.

I knew I had to make a change and get extremely serious about my fitness and health. With the combination of high intensity cardio and light to medium weight training, I went from being 205 lbs to 170 lbs. That 170lbs was the same weight I was back in high school and I couldn’t be happier!

Then in late 2015, my partner Talia told me about Fit Body Boot Camp and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula. I was automatically intrigued so I learned more about their philosophy and dedication to changing lives with fitness boot camps and I knew it was a perfect fit for me. And now, all I want to do is help others transform their bodies and live a happier, healthier lifestyle!

Fit Body Boot Camp has helped us dedicate our lives to helping others and changing lives: internally and externally. We truly enjoy seeing someone’s body transform and watching the self-confidence sky rocket! We are able to accommodate men and women of all fitness levels in the same classes, from beginners to college athletes. No two days will ever be the same, so your body will constantly be challenged. You will always have endless support, not only from our staff but from our Fit Body members as well.


Our goal is to give you the best results you have ever had while having a good time doing it. We are so thankful that we discovered Fit Body Boot Camp as it has helped us share our knowledge and fat loss secrets with hundreds of people! We look forward to helping you!


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