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WILMINGTON Fit Body Boot Camp is a results driven and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation, accountability, cardio and dynamic resistance training; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere. PLUS, as you may already know, nutrition is the key to reaching optimal health. Which is why we provide nutritional guidance and accountability for every single person who chooses to make us their partner in fitness! 

We offer our members affordable, convenient, 30-minute fat loss personal group training sessions that challenge the body and deliver results every time. Every group training session is led by an experienced and certified personal trainer and is designed to be fun, high energy, and challenging so that you burn the maximum fat and tone your muscles.

We also modify our workout programs to fit your individual fitness goals and fitness level. Whether you're new to working out or you're an experienced fitness buff, our professional trainers and coaches will help modify every workout so that you'll achieve your goals!

Our workouts are done in a dynamic group setting which dramatically increases your odds of success through group accountability and an addictive atmosphere of fun and community. Plus, this empowers you to get personal-training-level results for only a fraction of what it would normally take to hire a 1-on-1 personal trainer.

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Why is Fit Body Boot Camp the best option for you if you're interested in getting fit, losing fat and gaining more energy? And how does FBBC stack up against a gym membership, hiring a one-on-one personal trainer, taking an aerobics class or trying out another fitness boot camp workout? The secret is in the "After Burn effect" and only Fit Body Boot Camp has it. Watch this video to learn how you can burn twice the fat in half the time.



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